Fun Unconventional Jobs on the Gold Coast

by Tautvydas Pasakinskas


For many, working in a foreign country can be somewhat daunting. Some just want to do jobs that are fun and not have to worry about money. Well, we are here to tell you that you can do just that! It can take some time until you establish yourself and it is a full-time commitment, but it is worth the hustle.


Dog walking 

If you love dogs, this one is perfect for you! There are plenty of dog owners here on the Gold Coast and luckily for us, not all of them can walk their dogs due to work or other commitments. So how do you start? It is fairly simple, first get an ABN, which is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Once that is out of the way, list your services on platforms like gumtree, share it on your social media platforms and ask around if anyone needs a dog walker.


Pet sitting

This one can be great if you want to save money and do not wish to be attached to one place. We have heard stories when people are so busy with work that they go from house to house not having to rent their own place. This can save you anywhere from $600 upwards per month. Here’s how the job works – when homeowners with pets go on holiday, they do not want to leave their beloved animals in a pet centres/resorts/motels and are looking for someone to look after their pet while staying in their house. Duties include feeding your animal housemate and tidying up the house. But do not forget that it is a job and you have to be professional, do not bring friends over. It is private property and if something goes wrong, you are the one who is responsible for it.

With these two jobs, you almost have to be very creative. One way is to create business cards and put them in people’s mailbox or slide under their door. Go to parks or beaches where dogs are allowed and create connections with locals. Once you pick up a couple of jobs, word spreads really fast and you will have ongoing work. It is always most difficult at the start, but do not give up!

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Extra in films and television

When you watch movies or commercials, do you ever notice the people in the background? Well, they are not just some random individuals who happened to be there by chance, they are movie extras and they get paid for it! Many video productions require more people to be in the scene, that is why production companies hire extras to participate. If acting is your passion, there is always a chance of being picked up by the producers for the bigger roles in the future, but never force it to happen when going in for the production, be professional. And if you are not looking to become an actor, that is also fine as you can make money while having fun! To apply for the roles, join Starnow, SAAS MGMT or look for TV Extras on Jora. This is a fun opportunity that can help you travel more, but be advised that it can be very competitive and the income is not steady.


Theme park lead performer

Here on the Gold Coast, you can find theme parks like Sea World and Warner Bros Movie World.

These two places are in itself are very fun, but imagine if you could become a lead performer there! This is mainly aimed at those who are interested in acting and perform well in this given field as the level of performance employers as such are looking for is highly professional.



If you have any fun unconventional jobs suggestions, please let us know so we can share them with others. 


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Good luck with your search and if you have any questions, please contact the school at or message me on Instagram @ee.student