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COVID-19: updates

Face-To-Face classes resumed!

As you may or may not know, Australia has been working hard to abide by the conditions and restrictions imposed by the Australian Government and is slowly but surely flattening the curve of the Covid-19 spread. In saying this, we have also been working hard behind the scenes to bring our campus back to normality. While Zoom has proven to be a great avenue for your studies, a lot of you expressed you want to return to face-to-face delivery. Likewise, here at Entrepreneur we were missing the presence of our students.

Please ensure you are checking your email inbox regularly, including junk/spam.

For your safety, and ours, we have implemented strict social distancing restrictions and cleaning regimes in the classrooms and common areas. While most the Entrepreneur team has been working on campus throughout the period of Covid-19, these measures have already been in place successfully. Please see formal procedure here when returning to campus. While we understand these measures may seem extreme, if we wish to continue flattening the curve we feel this is necessary until further notice.

It is very important for you to follow the instructions from your mentor, and confirm your attendance should you wish to study face-to-face. This will enable us to plan safely for expected student numbers. We understand not all of you will wish to attend face-to-face classes. For those students, you may continue to study via Zoom. Your Mentors will continue to record your timetabled classes so that you can participate from home.

Courses resuming on week commencing;


Please note; these dates refer to the week beginning with that date. Course classes still remain on the usual timetabled days. To find your course timetable please see your course page on the website.

Certificate IV in Design – Monday 18/5/2020

Diploma of Graphic Design – Monday 11/5/2020

Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design – Monday 11/5/2020

Certificate IV in Photography and Photo Imaging – Monday 11/5/2020

Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging – Monday 11/5/2020

Certificate III in Fitness – Monday 11/5/2020

Certificate IV in Fitness – Monday 11/5/2020

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication – Monday 11/5/2020

Diploma of Marketing and Communication – Monday 11/5/2020

Diploma of Business – Monday 11/5/2020

Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling – Monday 11/5/2020

Diploma of Leadership and Management – Monday 11/5/2020

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management – Monday 11/5/2020

Certificate III in Business – Monday 11/5/2020

Certificate IV in Business Sales  – Monday 11/5/2020

Diploma of Project Management – Monday 11/5/2020

Dual Course – Monday 11/5/2020

Online classes

Although face-to-face classes have resumed, students still have the option to join the class online via Zoom. Classes will continue to be recorded and your mentor will email the recorded zoom class session to each student.

Please ensure you are checking your email inbox regularly, including junk/spam.

We have had great feedback on our online classes, with plenty of participation from students. Collaboration between mentor and student is also currently through Zoom. Students are able to book a time with their mentor on their usual collaboration day and discuss their assessment and any queries or concerns their having in the class in a 1 on 1 with their mentor.

Facebook Groups

There are Facebook Group pages for each class. This is a great place to keep in contact with your mentor and classmates during this time especially. Here, you can post helpful links relating to your assessments or ask questions about something you might be stuck on. Your mentor can also post the latest Zoom link for your classes here. If you have not already joined your Facebook Group for your class please ask your mentor to send you the link for your page.

Design a Wall Competition

We have a winner!!

Congratulations to Roberta Kriaučiūnaitė!

Roberta’s entry was so professional with different versions of her design mocked up so we could see it in use. She used related imagery for each faculty and each faculty’s branding colours.

Well done Roberta! We can’t wait to have this up on our wall!

What’s New

New Fitness Mentor

Entrepreneur are welcoming a brand new Fitness mentor, Troy, this week! Troy will be the mentor for both Certificate III and IV of Fitness.

New classroom

We are so excited finally have our new classroom ready to use! This classroom, that has been in the making for some time now, seats up to 88 students and is fully equipped with plugs, USB and USB-C outlets at each desk.



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