CPC31320 Certificate III in Wall and Floor Tiling

CRICOS Course Code: 103802J

Discover the creativity behind wall and floor tiling, from the first moment a datum line is drawn to the last touch up of silicon. You will learn how to interpret plans and specifications, use tiling tools and equipment and carry out residential and commercial construction work. Get your hands dirty and prepare for work – do you have what it takes?

Start Dates



93 Weeks

Study: 65 weeks // Supervised Study: 7 weeks // Holidays: 21 weeks

Delivery Mode


15 hrs / week


5 hrs / week

Potential Career Outcomes

Wall & Floor Tiler  //  Labourer //  Business Owner



Gold Coast

Entry Requirements

Academic Entry Requirement:

Students must provide evidence of successful completion of:

  • Certificate III requires a minimum completion of Year 10 OR a minimum of a Certificate II level qualification or higher
  • If there is no evidence of the above, the student must sit the Entrepreneur Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Test and achieve a satisfactory result


Please note: home country evidence is accepted and must be translated


Mathematics Entry Requirement:

Students must complete and pass the Entrepreneur Education mathematics test


English Entry Requirement:

Students must pass a minimum of one of the following English Requirements:

  • Upper Intermediate Certificate or higher
  • Certificate IV level or higher qualification in Australia
  • IELTS 5.5-6, FCE Grade B or C, CAE 160-179, TOEFL 72-94, TOEIC 400-485 (listening), 385-450 (reading)
  • Entrepreneur Education English Test, achieving at least Upper Intermediate level


Please note: All English evidence provided must be within a 2 year validity period. Either within two years before the application is made, or within two years of the visa grant


Course Entry Requirement:

The following resources are required to complete this course

  • Computer Requirements: Students will require continual access to their own laptop computer during class and outside of class to meet distance education requirements

You may be eligible for Credit Transfers if you hold the same unit(s) from another provider. To be eligible; you must present your certified qualification at enrolment stage, together with the completed ‘Course Credit Form’. Once assessed, you will be notified of the outcome. Should your achieved units be equivalent, your CoE/course duration will be reduced according to the amount of time needed to complete the outstanding units.

Course Subjects

01. Be Safe

CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry

This unit will provide you with the skills to apply health and safety policies and procedures in your workplace. You will learn safe work practices, including: identifying hazards, understanding health and safety legislation and being able to respond to emergencies and incidents.

02. Pen to Paper

CPCCOM2001 Read and interpret plans and specifications

Careful planning and being organised are professional skills needed in the role of any tradesperson. In this unit you will learn how to read and interpret plans and specifications which will enable you to carry out your work with accuracy. You will learn about the types of plans and drawings and how to read them, including: recognition of commonly used symbols and abbreviations, the identification of key features and specifications on a site plan and the comprehension of written job specifications.

03. The Start

CPCCWF2002 Use wall and floor tiling tools and equipment    

Learn how to use the ‘tools of the trade’ safely and effectively in this unit. Learn the value of planning and preparation, how to identify and select tools and the importance of cleaning up your site.

04. Numbers and Figures

CPCCOM1015 Carry out measurements and calculations  

Ensuring accuracy in measurements and calculations while tiling is crucial. You will be required to carry out measurements and perform simple calculations to determine task and material requirements for tiling jobs. In this unit you will practice your mathematical calculations during theory workshops and later you will apply these skills during vocational placement onsite at shed 101.

05. Smoko Break

CPCCOM1014 Conduct workplace communication    

Learn how to communicate effectively with other workers and team members in a tiling workplace environment. This includes gathering, conveying and receiving information through verbal and written forms of communication.

06. Safety First

BSBWHS414 Contribute to WHS risk management   

Safety must come first in any workplace. In this unit you will learn how to identify and assess hazards, control risks as well as manage workplace compliance requirements.

07. Be Green

CPCCOM1012 Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry      

Being part of a team is important and in this unit you will earn how to work with others, accept responsibility for your own workload and how to identify your development needs. You will also learn how to comply with environmental regulations and the importance of sustainability.

08. The Tools

CPCCWF2001 Handle wall and floor tiling materials 

Get your hands on to tiling products and materials in this unit. Learn the purpose of each tool and material as well as legislation and required workplace documentation.

09. Nice Curves

CPCCWF3007 Tile curved surfaces

Very fashionable now in the industry, learn to install mosaic tiles to wall and floors. It includes the cutting and laying out of a pattern or template and the application of the tiles to the required area.

10. Make It Stick

CPCCWF3002 Install floor tiles

CPCCWF3003 Install wall tiles

Get dirty and learn how to fix floor tiles to different substrates using mortar or adhesive. This includes the preparation, cutting, fixing and grouting of tiles for floors including steps/stairs and thresholds.

11. Repair It

CPCCWF3004 Repair wall and floor tiling   

Mistakes and problems occur and so it is important to learn how to repair wall and floor tiles, using mortar or adhesive. Learn how to go about repairing damaged or defective tiles without impacting surrounding tiles.

12. Prep It

CPCCWF3001 Prepare surfaces for tiling application

It’s all in the prep work. Learn the value of planning and preparing your materials for different substrates for wall and floor tiling applications.

13. No Leaks

CPCCWF3009 Apply waterproofing for wall and floor tiling

Applying effective waterproofing practices and principles to internal wet areas is critical to any tiling job. In this unit you will learn how to prepare your waterproofing for installation as well as how to prepare the substrate and apply the waterproofing

14. Show Me The Money

BSBESB407 Manage finances for new business ventures

Financial management is crucial to any business. You will learn how to review financial management strategies on a regular basis using new and emerging digital technologies.

15. Explore Trade

BSBESB301 Investigate business opportunities

Now it’s time to start your own business. You will learn to identify a business opportunity and its key components. This requires undertaking research to determine the viability of the opportunity, with reference to the legislative frameworks affecting the business.

16. Plan to have a Plan

CPCCOM1013 Plan and organise work

Careful planning and being organised are professional skills needed in the role of any tradesperson. This unit will teach you how to plan and organise basic work tasks on a construction site.

17. On the Level

CPCCCM2006 Apply basic levelling procedures

Learn how to carry out levelling in a single plane for the purpose of establishing correct and accurate set-out of building components. It includes the set-up, testing and use of levelling devices, and establishing and transferring heights using a range of levelling equipment.

18. Check Mate

CPCCWF3006 Install mosaic tiling

Very fashionable now in the industry, learn to install mosaic tiles to wall and floors. It includes the cutting and laying out of a pattern or template and the application of the tiles to the required area

19. The Vision

CPCCWF3005 Install decorative tiling

Decorative tile remains an excellent choice for flooring, offering both beauty and durability. This unit will teach you how to set out dimensions and plans for decorative tiling projects to form specific patterns.

Timetable Information


Please note; Timetables are subject to change.

Course Terminology


During this time your mentor will deliver planned training sessions which are aimed to give you theoretical knowledge and understanding of course concepts.


Collaborate (facilitated learning & project work)

During this facilitated time, you will work collaboratively with your peers, to complete tasks that have been delivered in the workshop sessions. You will practice skills that you have been taught by your mentor and work on assessments.


During this session, you will practice demonstrating required skills in a real and simulated work environment.

Distance Education

Canvas (Learner Management System)

Canvas is your online learning portal. Within this platform, you will be able to access your course learning materials, assessment requirements, and marked submissions. You will also be able to communicate with your Mentor within this platform, outside of timetabled hours. The system is user friendly and will help keep you on track throughout your studies.

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