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We had 107 new and returning students join us this month from 25 different countries…

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Estonia, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA, & Vietnam.

What’s on

Aus Day Celebrations

We got together to celebrate Australia with pizza and some Aussie treats!

Tradies Smoko

First Tradies Smoko of 2024 at Shed 101 with a delicious sausage sizzle


Sneakers Unboxed Exhibition

Check out an amazing display showcasing the specific designs of sneakers from around the world, all different designers, and some designed especially for famous athletes and for very specific sports.

Currently showing at HOTA (home of the arts) from 10am – 3pm

For more info or to purchase tickets click here

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Laneway Festival

One of the biggest and most popular music festivals of Australia is back! Hitting Brisbane on the 3rd Feb

The line up for this year features; AJ Tracey, Angie McMahon, Confidence Man, Dope Lemon, Teenage Dads and more

To see the full line up or to buy tickets click here

When: 3rd Febraury 

Where: Brisbane – Turrbal Targun


Hot Potato Band at Miami Marketta

Hot Potato Band’s larger-than-life brass collective is making it’s way back to Miami Marketta!

The energetic and interactive musical performances by this band gets everyone up dancing and in good spirits!

When: Friday 9th February at 6pm (Get there early to get a good spot)

Where: Miami Marketta, Miami

To get tickets click here


Movies Under the Stars: 50 First Dates

Get comfy under the stars with the classic rom-com 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler

When: Wednesday 14th February at 7pm (Get there early to get a good spot)

Where: The Great Lawn, Broadwater Parklands

Cost: FREE

For more information click here

Helpful Tips for finding accommodation in Australia


We know finding suitable accommodation can be a challenge for international students at this time of year. Austrade publishes a range of tools and resources on the Study Australia website on accommodation options within Australia including:

Costs of accommodation will vary depending on your chosen state, city, and type of accommodation. The cost of living calculator on the Study Australia website helps students calculate their expenses.

IMG_0516 2

EE Sports: Votes are in!

We asked which you would prefer for the next EE Sports; Basketball or Volleyball…. you voted Volleyball!

Keep an eye out for when and where this will be happening, and don’t forget to book your spot if you want to play. If you don’t feel like playing come and along and cheer on your mates

Do you have a suggestion on an event, workshop, social or anything else you would like to see at the school? Leave us a comment…

Staff Spotlight



Fun fact: I have a cat called “Miau” (meow). When we migrated to New Zealand, Miau just showed up at our door and decided to become our nightly door-to-door delivery cat, specializing in gourmet gifts (read: dead mice). To save the kids from emotional trauma (we were not adopting her, hell no!) and prevent them from naming her “fluffy”, we stuck with the name Miau (the sound cats do, in portuguese). Long story short, 12 years and an ocean-crossing later, she’s still our global feline companion. Vet visits are a comedy show as I explain Miau’s name

Fave cuisine: Brazilian (Feijoada), Spanish (Lentejas), and Italian (Pepperoni Pizza)

Nationality: Brazilian

Fave pastime/hobby: A good movie night with my family and popcorn!

Job role & how Chris can help you: As part of EE Mentor team, I am the marketing and communication mentor. I help students to understand new marketing concepts, theories and current trends



Fun fact: I was born/grew up in Melbourne. I have also always wanted to become an International Flight Attendant for Emirates in Dubai! Not very fun, but I am 5”2 or 154cm tall!

Fave cuisine: Japanese & Italian

Nationality: Australian

Fave pastime/hobby: I love a good Margarita, going to out for a fancy dinner, learning Spanish, swimming & hanging out with my friends

Job role & how Libby can help you: As part of the Student Services team at EE, I do a lot of processing & data entry, but I know and can fix just about everything to do with Canvas. I enjoy working at EE, if you know me, I am VERY talkative, I could really make friends with a brick wall at this point. I am always here to help with any general enquiries about pretty much anything!

Student stats

Student Spotlight



This month’s Student Spotlight goes to Araceli Arroniz Quinonez – Diploma of Project Management

“Araceli is a very committed and self-disciplined student with a great passion for learning. Araceli has been studying Diploma of Project Management since February 2023 and her willingness to develop her project management skills has been remarkable as well as her persistence and perseverance to achieve her academic success term after term. We are proud of her resilience and can-do aptitude to overcome challenges and setbacks with determination.” – Monica, project management mentor

Great work Araceli! Please keep an eye out in your emails for your prize.


Job Board Update

Job Board Stats:

We have started to include new Junior roles on the Job Board within areas such Marketing, Sales and Warehouse Logistics. Please let us know in the suggestion box if there is an industry you want to see jobs in.

Over 4 weeks in August we promoted jobs in 10 different industries: Fitness, Hospitality, Marketing, Retail, Trades, Customer Service, Office Support, Sales, Cleaning Services, Photography, Tourism, & Graphic Design.

680+ clicks through to the job webpage.

Most popular industries and roles:

  • Retail Assistant
  • Cleaning Services
  • Hospitality
  • Administration

TIP: Keep an eye out in store windows for “Hiring/Looking for staff” signs at Pacific Fair, Robina Town Centre and Harbour Town.

Have you scored a job through our job board? Let us know in the ‘suggestion box’ above!

Student Business



Each month we will be promoting a student’s own business. If you have a business you would like featured, please email Student Services

Contact us if you would like your business featured.

City Otter_black

City Otter

A brand by Diploma of Leadership and Management student; Gabriele Vaineikyte

City Otter is a brand focusing on pedestrians’ safety by offering handmade reflective scrunchies.

My goal is not only to create fashionable accessories and also to educate people about the importance of wearing reflectors.
Ever since I was a child, I recognized the importance of wearing reflectors. However, it always seemed like there weren’t enough options available. I tried my best to wear reflectors but over time they vanished from my outfit. When walking in the unlit street or crossing the road after the sun was down I kept questioning myself – why did it happen and what can I do to change it.
The answer was quite obvious – there is no doubt that reflectors are extremely important, but a rare person is able to choose a reflector that he likes and suits him from the available offers these days. While style should not be the sole factor in deciding between safety and aesthetics, we have to acknowledge that it does influence our choices, even subconsciously. To protect people and help not only pedestrians but also drivers, I created City Otter. City Otter offers handmade reflective scrunchies designed not only to be worn as a hair accessory but also to be worn as a wristband.

Check out City Otter’s instagram page here

What’s New

New Faculty at EE!

Introducing the Faculty of Hospitality to Entrepreneur Education! This faculty has courses in commercial cookery and hospitality management. First intake date will be 1st April 2024.

Contact us or check out our website for more information.

Update to Student Visa work rights

The Government has announced an end date to the full time work while studying. After the 30 June 2023, the number of hours a Student visa holder will be allowed to work will again be capped to 48 hours a fortnight. For more information please click here.

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