Tips & Tricks – Silo V Integrated Marketing


By Samuel Burkett


Siloed and Integrated Marketing, what are they, and how can we use each in our marketing campaigns?

Let us begin with Siloed marketing. When discussing Siloed Marketing, we are referring to individual, specific avenues for us to market our brand, product, or service. Much like silos on a farm which are used to separate different types of grain from each other, the concept applies to marketing by focusing on a singular advertising approach. Using the Gold Coast as an example, we could decide to promote a product and our main approach will be to display posters throughout multiple 7 Elevens shopfronts across the city. This is a form of Siloed Marketing as our campaign is using a single advertising channel to promote our message.

Integrated Marketing expands on this further. Instead of focusing on one avenue, it considers all marketing approaches in a holistic way. The idea behind this is that TV Commercials, Digital Adverts, Social Media, Print Media, and any other applicable channel can all deliver the same message in a harmonious way. In other words, instead of stopping at a poster, we could also run a competition on our website that our target audience can find by taking a photo of a QR Code set onto the poster. From here they can then enter the competition by sharing our product’s hashtag across various social media sites. In this way we have sold the same message but spread it out across different avenues.

In business terms, a siloed approach is when departments (such as a marketing department that is separate from a creative/graphic department) do not share ideas or concepts. An integrated business shares idea between departments, and when a campaign needs to be introduced to the market, every department contributes ideas to sell one specific message. In other words, a siloed organisation will hold onto ideas and introduce them to the marketing individually, while an integrated company will share ideas between departments and deliver the same message at the same time.

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