Tips & Tricks – Social Media in Marketing


by: Samuel Burkett



In 2020 we find ourselves amidst a global community connected in more ways than one. Due to this fact, it is often the role of a marketing specialist to understand and decide what social media outlet will best suit a company’s needs, and which will acquire the most user engagement. With more social websites appearing on a regular basis, choosing can sometimes be the challenge between success or going back to the white board.

The question then is what to use? Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, the list goes on. This is where a challenge can appear for us in marketing, yet with enough research, and identifying who our target audience is, we can really narrow down these options to suit our needs. So rather than seeing social media as a risky investment, think of the opportunities it presents to us as marketing creatives.

Below I have provided links to a few articles detailing successful marketing campaigns that have been run through these different websites. Remember, social media can be both a helpful tool and ally when it comes to selling your brand, product, or service, so get creative with it!