Tips & Tricks – SEO for your website

by: Samuel Burkett

Let us dive into an important element of Marketing, that being Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short. The question is, what is SEO?

SEO determines how much visibility your website receives by how high it is ranked on a search engine results page, or (SERP) for short.

If we are talking about Google, the search engine has smart algorithms that are tasked to sort, process and find the most relevant website that will relate to a person’s individual search request.

I discuss this briefly in the video above, but for now let us look at three different things to be aware of when making our website more Search Engine Optimised.


  1. User-Experience

Something that Google loves to find when sorting through a website is how easy it is to navigate. If your website is designed around strong architecture, and your visitors can find the information they need without falling into a stress induced coma, then you can bet that those Google algorithms will have an easier time too. An easy to use website means an easy to rank website.


  1. Site-speed

It may seem like something of little importance but beware the slow website. Not only is it annoying for a user who needs to find information in as little time possible, it is also frowned upon when Google is ranking websites. If your website is slower than a snail without roller skates, then you may want to improve how fast it downloads by using adaptive images, compressing your content, and evaluating the number of plugins used.


  1. Cross-device compatibility

In the distant past of 2010, this may have been low on the list of website building priorities. Yet in today’s age of smart phones and handheld tablets, people expect to browse a website through every device they own. If we are to have our website list higher on a SERP ranking, then we need to make it accessible through all devices.


Below I have provided some articles that explain these concepts further. Go ahead and read over them to gain some pro tips.