Let’s talk photography!


by Tautvydas Pasakinskas


Let’s talk about photography! Here at Entrepreneur Education, we offer Certificate IV and Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging.

In the class, our photography students get to learn from industry professionals and we regularly run workshops on specific topics and tools used in the industry. Willian, a Diploma student says that the teachers are always trying to make every class unique so that it is not repetitive. Diploma students even have classes on developing social media engagement strategies and facilitating content development and delivery. This is very important in today’s world as social media plays an important role in every photographer’s career whether you’re a freelancer or working for a big brand. 

As theoretical knowledge is extremely important, let’s not forget about practical, because as with everything else – knowledge is nothing without application.

To show their skills, students are required to collaborate during the class in our studio where you can find professional equipment that every photographer will find in the real world. Students are encouraged to be creative and to experiment with lighting and other tools provided by the school to deepen their knowledge and experience. To be more diverse, photographers are encouraged to get out and take photos collectively. Students recently had an excursion to Byron Bay and in the near future, they will be provided with the equipment and have underwater photography sessions on a regular basis! I mean, we are located on the Gold Coast and cannot not take advantage of our beautiful oceans full of surfers.


Photo by Willian

For this blog, we decided to ask some of our students what they think about the course. Let’s start with Willian who after finishing Certificate IV in our school is now studying the Diploma of Photography. Willian outlines how much he has improved his skills in working with photoshop. Without having previous experience using the software he is now at an advanced level. Using those skills he won an iPad for his work at a Let’s Save Ben Campaign run by Entrepreneur Education! And now, he is applying his expertise outside the school working as a freelance photographer. Make sure to check out him out on Instagram @willian_ps

Jeisson is another student whose story has me inspired! He moved to the Gold Coast from Colombia without speaking any English, which to me is mind-blowing. He worked hard to get better and now has great English! When asked about his favourite moment during the studies, his reply made me smile: “It’s not just one time. It’s when we are shooting in the studio. We have a lot of fun creating new pictures.” He also talks about how much he loves having the guidance from professionals and being around like-minded people with whom he can go taking photos on their days off. Jeisson who did not previously speak ANY English is now working as a freelancer just like Willian and states that he acquired an immense amount of value from his studies. Go follow Jeisson on Instagram @jeissonor



Learning lighting techniques in studio

Portrait photography in studio
















For all the information on our Photography courses, including start dates, academic calendars and entry requirements click here. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@entrepreneur.edu.au



Certificate IV in Photography and Imaging – Course code: CUA41115 | CRICOS code: 098406A

Diploma of Photography and Imaging – Course code: CUA50915 | CRICOS code: 098407M