Entrepreneur Graphic Design Courses


Every business needs graphic design work created – from logos, to business cards, social media artwork, website banners, annual reports, posters, labels, stickers – you name it, anything visual, a Graphic Designer has created it. This is more prevalent than ever in this current digital age where all businesses require an online presence – and it needs to look good!

Entrepreneur Education offers a selection of design courses to suit creatives of all levels.
The Certificate IV in Design is graphic design related, as well as touching on topics surrounding illustration, design principles and graphic design basics. The Diploma of Graphic Design dives into package design, complex layouts, specialised fields, but more importantly, getting industry ready and preparing to deal with real clients/customers.

The Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design is a level 6 qualification that educates in user interface design (app design), website platforms, complex package design and elective projects.

The course is delivered by a practicing local graphic designer, advising students of local printers and industry to connect with.

Entrepreneur Education has educated students from South America, Asia, UK, and Europe, preparing graduates for work as a qualified Graphic Design within Australia or back in their countries, leaving with a polished portfolio.

Ola Jaroz from Poland was recently contracted to a freelance project while studying the course, she is due to graduate in January.

“Even though I have always been interested in graphic design and been doing it as a side hobby, the course has enabled me to realise that this the career path I want to follow. It has helped me to build my portfolio and crystallise my goals by working on some great projects. Thanks to the portfolio I crafted throughout the course I landed an amazing freelance opportunity. Our greatest mentor – Bel – really pushes us to do our best and to find our creative flow!”


Specialisation + Product branding – Ola Jaroz


Editorial Design – Ola Jaroz


Branding + Logo Design – Ola Jaroz


To see more of Ola’s work check out her Instagram: @olainthejar

Graduating with the design qualification, ambition, skill and a proactive nature is a recipe for success for a career in the wonderful world of Graphic Design.

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Certificate IV in Design – Course code: CUA40715 | CRICOS code: 0101417

Diploma of Graphic Design – Course code: CUA50715 | CRICOS code: 093143D

Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design – Course code: CUA60315 | CRICOS code: 0101419