From São Paulo to Gold Coast

From São Paulo to Gold Coast: Student Life in Australia

August 29, 2018


Cherise Vecchio

Renata Miller is from São Paulo and is currently studying the BSB61015 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management at Entrepreneur Education. Two years ago she moved her life to the Gold Coast and is loving every minute of it!

We sat down with her and asked her about student life in Australia as well as her tips for those thinking about moving to Australia.


Tell us, why do you love living in Australia?

“I usually say to everyone who crosses my pathway each day – Australia, it’s magical! Everything here just happens. It’s one country with so many opportunities for those willing to live this experience. It’s unique.”

It sure is a magical place! What was the hardest thing about moving to Australia?

“Leaving family. If I said – it’s easy – I would be lying. However, thankfully now days we have technology that makes everything easy. I talk to my Mum every day and I have no regrets about leaving my home country and coming to Australia. I have been living the best two and a half years of my life and I have learned that you can find your “Aussie” family here. I have amazing friends and my boyfriend. It’s fantastic! I promise that you will meet good people in Australia.”


Why did you choose to live on the Gold Coast?

“The weather and the lifestyle.” ?


What’s one thing people don’t realise about Australia before they move here?

“That there are challenges every day. The language, for those who arrive and start working straight away, can be a challenge. You discover so many cultures and different ways of life. I risk to say: the culture is a challenge. Especially because we need to learn day by day and we need to deal with it. That said, it really is fantastic!”


What advice would you give to those who are thinking of moving here?“If you have this opportunity don’t think, just do it! Have a plan though. Try to study what do you want to do here, contact a good specialist to help you out with everything, also come in and try to be a part of this culture.”


Do you enjoy student life in Australia?

Yes I do because what I am doing here relates to my career back home . That’s why I said have a plan – that way you will make your journey very productive.”


Any last words to leave us with?

“Come with your heart open!”


If you’re thinking about moving to Australia, contact Entrepreneur Education for more information.